Learning Ability Concept Design
Learning Ability Concept Design

Fellowship Examination

in General Surgery





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Providing participants with valuable insights, ​guidance, and resources to support their pursuit of a ​successful career in general surgery.

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Human Organ Anatomy

Those who are completing or have completed their ​Surgical Education and Training (SET) program and are ​preparing to present to the Fellowship examination in ​General Surgery are invited to undertake our ​comprehensive mock exam.

Candidates are offered unique practice at

developing effective techniques and methods

in responding to questions in an examination

setting, and given guidance, support and

meaningful feedback to further study

and readiness in preparing for the Fellowship Exam at

the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS).

Carried out over two inconsecutive days and designed

to simulate the format and rigor of the actual exam,

our mock exam comprises of seven segments

in total. Two written/online portions are completed

on the first day, and five viva stations on day two.

Human Organ Anatomy

Potential future candidates are invited as observers

during the viva component, giving students an advantage ​in understanding the structure and interpersonal ​requirements that will be expected of them.

Committee members include general surgeons, including ​two adjunct associate professors based at St John of God ​Midland Public and Private Hospitals (SJOGMPPH). ​Collaboration typically involves up to an

additional twenty surgical specialists

contributing their expertise to assist in

delivering our highly regarded mock exam.

Inquiries or more information

can be directed to:

Erin Moore

Programme Administrator for General Surgery

St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals


0421 973 273

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Through our vision and values, our

committee remains dedicated to

delivering consistent high quality general

surgery mock exams that have a lasting and meaningful impact on the education and development of aspiring surgeons.

Committee Members 2023

(L-R) Dr Sharin Pradhan, Katrina Parker, Dr Abdallah Elsabagh,

Dr Ruwan Wijesuriya, Dr Palan Thirunavukkarasu, Dr Joel Stein, Erin Moore

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Empowering aspiring surgical specialists ​through educational excellence

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Educational Integrity

From question development and content curation to the delivery of a mock exam ​that reflects the evolving landscape of general surgery, we are committed to ​upholding the highest standards of accuracy, authenticity, and relevance while ​being committed to principles of fairness, inclusivity, and equality,

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Continuous Improvement

Feedback and insights from all in attendance are paramount to refining and ​enhancing the quality and effectiveness of our mock exam.

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Our mock exam would not exist without the culture of collaboration among ​committee members, support staff, and the broader surgical community. We value ​diverse perspectives and expertise to enrich the content and validity of our mock ​exam.

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We conduct ourselves with the highest level of professionalism, treating all attendees with respect, integrity, and a commitment to ethical standards.

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We embrace adaptability in the face of changing medical advancements and guidelines, ensuring that the content and literature reflect the most current and relevant practices in the field of general surgery.

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Continuing Professional Development

Our mock exam provides surgical specialists an opportunity to continuously develop ​their medical education and maintain the highest standards of professional ​competence.

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Valuing accuracy and honesty in our processes, question development, and evaluation criteria, we ensure candidates have a clear understanding of how their performance is assessed and how the results contribute to their growth.

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We measure our success by the positive outcomes our mock exams have on the general surgery community, equipping future surgeons with the knowledge, guidance, and confidence they need to deliver exceptional patient care and advance in the field of general surgery.


Continuing to contribute to training

and education is a vital part of a respected,

prestigious, and rewarding career in general surgery.

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Our examiners are given a unique and rewarding teaching ​experience, with the opportunity to display their vast expertise and ​knowledge, while influencing high standards of professionalism ​and competency alongside peers to candidates entering their field ​of work.

Examiners are issued their station packs leading up to the mock ​exam, which includes their station criteria and marking instructions ​to ensure consistent delivery across each station.

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CPD points

Further benefits of involvement includes receiving CPD points for ​examiner activities, while experiencing a high level of collegiality ​and professional pride amongst peers.

mock exam

For eight years our mock exam has provided a role in ​assessing knowledge, clinical skills, judgement, ​decision making and professional competencies of ​candidates undertaking their final examination in ​becoming an accredited independent consultant ​surgeon.

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Creating a resource library of invaluable knowledge, our course content is continuously reviewed and developed to stay up to date with expert methods and treatments across a broad range of emergency and planned surgical interventions.

Our framework includes the necessary information, tools and resources to support examiners assessing and educating surgical competence of the highest standards.

Candidates are provided written ​feedback from each viva station at ​the conclusion of the viva ​component. This gives the ​candidates discernible insight to ​adjust study accordingly.

Candidates receive provisional ​information regarding timetables ​and requirements in the lead up to ​each exam day.

day one

Written Exams

Candidates will attend the venue to a classroom ​setting to complete the two online written portions of ​the mock exam.

The class is led by a senior general surgeon ​consultant and assistant by two more highly ​educated general surgeon consultants.

A brief introduction to the day, overview of schedule ​and outline of the instructions will be announced at ​commencement.

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exam 1


Prompted by a graphic or photo, this online ‘spot’ quiz ​comprises of 25 questions requiring three short answers per ​question.

exam 2


8 questions are delivered online, which may comprise of a topic, case, incident or situation.

Answers are expected in greater detail than the previous ‘spots’ quiz and must demonstrate the required knowledge and clinical reasoning.

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Dynamic Group Learning

At completion of each written exam, the class will participate in a dynamic group learning

environment that has been

proven to have several benefits during prevocational training.

Sharing knowledge and contributing to group

discussions reinforces knowledge retention,

offers comprehensive understanding of diverse

perspectives, while increasing confidence and

time efficiency.

Discussing quiz criteria and each candidates answers amongst peers simulates collaborative problem solving scenarios, preparing candidates for future professional interactions.

Candidates are to identify if their answer passes or

fails, recognising knowledge gaps or areas of

focus that could benefit from further study.

A social learning environment addresses

doubts, offers clarification, resolves

misconceptions, and reinforces

accurate knowledge.

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day TWO

Viva Stations

Great Saphenous Vein
Osteoblasts Cell Formation
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Vintage Anatomy Illustration Arm
Constitution of a Spinal Nerve



long cases

short cases


Nerve Cell Vintage Illustration
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Human Skeleton Diagram
Lumbar Showing Position of Fourth Lumbar Spine Vintage Illustration
Peyer Glands
Scissors Vintage Illustration
Muscular Tissue Vintage Illustration
Vintage Anatomy Illustration Cell
Erythrocytes blood cells
Vintage Anatomy Illustration Heart
Suturing Forceps
Fractured Olecranon Bone
Vector Image
Anatomy of Heart and Lungs Vintage Illustration
Evolution of the Cell

Complying to the strict schedule distributed to candidates, ​examiners and observers, attendees will meet in the morning for a ​coffee and brief run through of the rules of the day, and securely ​store all watches, phones, tablets and other electronic devices.

Examiners are set up at their stations, and candidates will ​commence rotating through each of the five viva stations when the ​first bell rings.

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Relations of the Ventricles to the Surface of the Brain Vintage Illustration
Human Brain Icon


Candidates are to answer each ​question structured, logical, ​coherent, and unambiguous, ​demonstrating the ten surgical ​competencies throughout the ​assessment process.

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Collaboration & teamwork

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Cultural competence

& cultural safety

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Judgement & clinical decision making

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Leadership & management

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Scholarship & teaching

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Medical expertise

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Technical expertise

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Health advocacy

Candidate Feedback

Candidates will rotate an additional ​sequence where observable ​strengths and points to improve ​are written for the candidate and ​verbal feedback is given, along ​with a station pass or fail.

continuous improvement

Feedback is collected after each written exam, ​and again on completion of viva

Our tailored structured feedback process ensures we ​are consistently upgrading and adjusting all aspects ​of our mock exam. From venues, to catering, to exam ​criteria and examiners, we’ve formed a continuous ​improvement method that ensures our ongoing ​commitment to providing a high standard and ​beneficial mock exam.

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We take reviews, feedback and suggestions seriously, and appreciate the time attendees take in providing this valuable information.

Committee members meet to review, compare, and incorporate lessons learnt to assist in preparing for future training courses.

Read more in our Reviews section.

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Educational grants, sponsorship and donations assist with funding venue hire, catering, examination tools, stationery, and other administrative expenses.

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Benefits of sponsoring our training course

range from having your business information promoted to

a broader audience through our website, social media and event ​literature, as well as the opportunity to attend the mock exam and ​engage with attendees directly.

We accept financial sponsorship from businesses that align with ​the values and principles of St John of God Midland Public and ​Private Hospitals, and the Department of General Surgery team. We ​invite you to consider the sponsorship opportunities on the ​following page.

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Each year we part with a major sponsor to fund morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for all attendees.

For this part, we offer business representatives and individuals an invitation to join us for lunch on day two: viva, where promotional space is set up with access to liaise with attendees directly.

Prominent logo placement will be on printed & online event documents, and mentioned in marketing and review materials.


Viva Station

Anatomy, operative, long cases, short cases or ​pathophysiology; sponsor one of the five viva stations.

This package includes logo placement on signage and ​printed materials for the station being sponsored. There will ​also be a display area for marketing literature in the central ​foyer throughout the day.



Sponsoring the hire of the venue will include benefits such as logo placement on printed and online information materials, as well as marketing literature on display during day two: viva.


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The mock exam was invaluable as a part of my preparation for ​the exam. I believe the questions are representative of the ​curriculum. While the questions can be difficult, I feel that this ​makes for better preparation for the exam - Candidate 2023

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The mock exam helped with practicing formal timing and ​structuring answers for the written exam. It has improved my ​technique and confidence in completing the exam on time - ​Candidate 2021

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Another well-run, organised, efficient and well catered event Midland team you should be proud! Thanks so much for having me as an examiner! - Examiner 2023

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Priceless! An amazing and informative experience! Please ​keep the mock exam going for years to come - Candidate ​2022

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felt the mock exam helped in

preparing for their Fellowship Exam


Overall satisfaction with

our Mock Exam


of our candidates have gone

on to pass their FEX first attempt

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